“I appreciate hearing from everybody that contacted me! It was nice to connect with some alumni in DC.”

Sarah Yi '21 shared this story on September 21, 2021

Advice for a recent grad in DC/NoVa

“Two weeks in, it is going very well.  Thank you!”

BONNIE M PORTER shared this story on September 20, 2021

Garden Help

“Found an awesome sitter who my daughter already loves!!”

Justine Gunn shared this story on September 4, 2021

Afternoon childcare across from campus!

“We received lots of good, qualified applicants and are looking forward to working with someone in the OXY community.  ”

“We found a tutor!”

Colleen Donovan '23 shared this story on September 17, 2020

Need calculus tutor!

“Received fantastic response.  Ended up selecting a recent alum, who is fantastic.”

“I manage an alumni volunteer program for Oxy's office of admission and posted about our need for additional volunteers. I had a lot of great responses, and, even better, sign-ups to our volunteer roster! We're thrilled to connect with grads who may not have otherwise realized they could stay involved with Oxy in this way.”

“Don Hammond found this post and hired my firm The Valours Creative Innovation Lab + Agency for a 1 year contract to help grow his criminal law business. We have some great stuff in the making!”

“I am so pleased to continue to receive responses from Oxy Alumni regarding my Switchboard Ask.   The greater Oxy Community will always remain Golden!  Thank you all for your support and interest.”

“3 responses and several coffee dates in the works. :)”

“I have had several very successful conversations with alum who have a great deal of insight and experience to share about their interaction with copyright law, whether in a firm environment or in the context of TV business affairs. I am now equipped with the necessary tools to take action and pursue my interests in the realm of IP law and the entertainment industry as a college sophomore.  ”

Michelle Levitt '19 shared this story on November 29, 2016

Copyright Law - seeking insight

“Michelle - I am a '92 graduate and partner at Pryor Cashman in LA.  I specialize in film and tv finance, development, production and distribution.  Happy to talk about copyright at your convenience. Adam”

adam mehr '92 shared this story on November 18, 2016

Copyright Law - seeking insight

“This Ask and an identical Offer were posted to draw attention to an Offer I made in mid June that had received no responses.  It appears to have worked because now I've had three.  I had my first conversation with a recent alumna yesterday and it went very well.  A second is scheduled for November and the third should be scheduled next semester when the student returns from a semester abroad. ”

Warrington MacElroy '60 shared this story on October 26, 2016


“very interested in jobs in my field ”

“We were excited for an alum to have reached out with this opportunity, and even more pleased to see several grads pursue the position. It would not have been as easy to share this with recent graduates, or for other similar opportunities, without Switchboard. Thanks for the great new platform!”

“Warry, thank you so much for sharing President Veitch's inaugural speech with us when you visited Alumni and Parent Engagement. I found Magdalena's Lamp deeply inspiring, and think it would be a great read for any student or alum. I'd love to know what the version of you just beginning in IT would say about chatting this way on Switchboard...pretty amazing :)”

Helena Lazaro shared this story on June 21, 2016

Mentoring or listening

“Twenty five years ago, ten years before I retired from a very successful career, I made the decision to be a volunteer at Oxy after I retired.  Accompanying that decision was the title I would assume: COMOC – which would stand for Crazy Old Man On Campus.  Then I realized that the letters needed to have a more substantial underpinning so I came up with Counselor, Ombudsman, Mentor, Organization, Communication.  With varying degrees of success, I’ve been able to use each of those skills over the last fifteen years.  My hope is that oxy.switchboard may open new opportunities to be of service. My career did not exist when I was a student at Oxy; computer programming, systems design, Information Technology.  And with the exponential advancements in IT over the last 15 years I think it’s safe to say that my career no longer exists.  But I believe the fundamental foundation stones have always been and will always be.  That’s what I meant when I spoke about EXPERIENCE. I think I’ve had enough to be able to meet you wherever you are on the spectrum.  I’m pragmatic, practical and positive.  For me, hope is eternal.  There is nothing too trivial to talk about. ”

Warrington MacElroy '60 shared this story on June 16, 2016

Mentoring or listening