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I am Culley Johnson. I started Occidental College Switchboard so that Tigers could help each other out.

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Allegra Padilla


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by Ariana on Aug 01, 2017

Hiring Bachelor's Level Public Health Research Analyst (San Francisco)

We're hiring! I work with the Women's Global Health Imperative (WGHI) at RTI International. Our San Francisco office is hiring a Bachelor's degree level Public Health Research Analyst.  WGHI conducts rigorous epidemiologic, biomedical, and sociobehavioral research to identify and intervene on factors that affect infectious disease and chronic health outcomes for women and vulnerable populations. We're looking for someone to assist with a wide variety of qualitative and quantitative research activities, specifically for some of our HIV prevention projects; I think someone from the Oxy community might be perfect!  Feel free to share widely; we're looking for bright, hard-working candidates who have some experience in research, and are extremely detail-oriented. This is a great opportunity to grow into a career in public health research.  To apply: Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions and definitely let me know if you apply!

by Delaney on Aug 04, 2017

Housing in LA

Hello, I'm a recent alum looking for housing for the fall, so if you have any leads on an apartment/house or need a housemate, let me know!

by Melanie on Aug 18, 2017

Entrepreneurial advice

I am looking to start a small business. I have a PhD and plenty of experience in the field, but little business experience. I'm looking for a mentor who could help me think through some of the business decisions I need to make, starting with entity formation. Not sure if I should go start-up or slow-growth, or form a B corp or LLC. I'd love to pick the brains of some successful entrepreneurs. The business will collaborate with scientists and doctors to develop new therapies, so if anyone has experience with the legal implications of such collaborations, that would be great, too!  I'm located in San Diego if you want to meet in person, or am available for a phone chat. Thank you! 

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